As the ultimate decision maker in the .id-TLD, Indonesia Domain Name Forum in its meeting at Amos Cozy Hotel Jakarta, on Thursday February 14, 2013 had approved a new third level Domain Name .desa.id, proposed by GDM (Gerakan Desa Membangun - Village Development Movement).

The .desa.id Domain Name proposal was presented by GDM member Bayu Setyo Nugroho, Head of Dermaji Village, Lumbir sub-regency, Banyumas Regency of the Central Java Province, during.id-TLD annual General Open Discussion session conducted on February 12, 2013 at the Central Library of the University of Indonesia, Depok South Jakarta campus.

Simultaneously, Indonesia Domain Name Forum had rejected propositions for the new .toko.id, a special Domain Name intended for e-commerce entities, and a cluster Domain Names based on SNI 7657-2010, an Indonesia National Standard abbreviation for Cities, intended as a geographic locationindicator Domain Names. Both proposals were rejected due to improper procedural reason, besides the.id-TLD annual General Open Discussion participants had not formally accepted and recommend it for the same cause. 

Below are the highlights of .id-TLD Domain Name Forum decisions taken on its Thursday February 14, 2013 meeting, upon new Policies proposed by the 2013 .id-TLD annual General Open Discussion. 


  1. Domain Name Forum’s agreed proposal


  1. Newly proposed .desa.id third level Domain Name


  • Proposed by Gerakan Membangun Desa (Village Development Movement)
  • Proposal had been submitted properly in accordance to the .id-TLD Policy Development Procedure.


  • Background considerations:


  • Desa does not belong nor included in the regulation governing the .go.id domain name
  • Desa does not belong nor included in the Government organizational structure
  • There are more than 65,000 potential villages that could be accomodated by .desa.id domain name
  • Desa is a unique and rich entity in custom, tradition, culture, life-style and history 


  • Domain .desa.id is to accommodate and develop it’s utmost potentials
  • .id-TLD General Open Discussion had agreed and supported the proposed .desa.id domain name


.id-TLD Domain Name Forum .desa.id decision


  • .desa.id Domain Name definition and itsproposed utilization: Government Decree no. 72/2005 defined desa as community legal entity havinga bordered geographic territory, and authority to regulate and manage the local community interest, pursuant to its local custom, tradition, culture, life style and history, recognized and honored by the Government of the RI.
  • Desa does not relate to and become part of Government institution, hence desa does not entitled to and can not use domain .go.id. 
  • PANDI and its accredited registrars should be responsible to maintain and manage the .desa.id domain name
  • .desa.id domain, should be governed by a specific naming policy for the purpose of avoiding any potential domain name dispute,caused by its geographic location
  • With all the above considerations, .id-TLD Domain Name Forum agreed and approved the implementation of .desa.id as a third level Domain Name.


  1. .id third level Domain Name consisting of 1 to 2 characters


  • 2-characters Domain Name such as ui.ac.id, bi.go.id and xl.co.id are already in existence and registered
  • The existing Policy, Domain Names are supposed to be of minimum 3 upto 63 characters, could be altered and changed to accommodate the new policy
  • There are community demands to allow the use of domain name consisting of 1 to 2 characters

Domain Name Forum decision:

  • It’s a matter of changing the policy allowing the use of 1 to 2 characters Domain Name, while there is no actual technical problem in existence
  • .id-TLD Domain Name Forum agreed and approved the use of 1 to 2 characters domain name, with the registration done directly by Registry (not by Registrar), beginning with .web.id domain name as a start


  1. Pandi is requested to submit a “meta” Policy related to proposal for new third level .id domain name!


  1. Domain Name Forum’s rejected proposal


  1. .toko.id third level domain name


  • .toko.id is submitted to Domain Name Forum as potential information, and has not been put through.id-TLD domain name policy development procedure


  • Proposal background:


  • The potential 2,5 millions worldwide store according to Nielsen rating survey, with Indonesia in 3rd rank position
  • Indonesia e-commerce rapid development growth
  • Indonesia e-commerce transaction value of IDR 2,5 trillions in 2012, and increasing in the following year
  • There are an increasing CMS based e-commerce applications


  • Phenomenal online store and hosting provider services. Due to the existing value added services, current price/cost is a bit higher than just a regular hosting
  • The readiness and availability of payment gateway
  • There is no specific description for .id domain intended for e-commerce providers or merchants, had caused potential users to go to g-TLD (.com) 
  • The Government Decree no. 82/2012, defines and requires e-commerce as electronic system provider that has to register to Government cq Ministry of Comminfo. Hence, the regulation is actually not only intended to protect public (consumers) but also to protect the merchants (providers) themselves.
  • The actual Government Decree no. 82/2012 purpose is to secure the e-commerce transaction. This segment is more intended for Small and Medium Scales Companies and to distinguish itto .co.id for Corporate

Domain Name Forum response

  • Domain Name Forum concerns that the proposed .toko.id would contradict to and poses as obstacle to those who has used the .co.id domain name
  • What the is different with .biz.id? What is the requirement for .toko.id compare to .co.id?
  • Does the .toko.id user has to actually posess a physical store (?)
  • Domain Name Forum agreed to ask PANDI to develop “meta” policy related to new third level .id domain name proposal


  1. The e-Commerce Domain Name, proposed by idEA.


  • Conceipt is still not very clear, the idea is something like or relate to Mall (?)
  • The original proposition is still unclear, internally idEA still does not know what the proposed domain name would be like (?)


  1. Proposed third level Domain Name utilizing SNI 7657-2010


  • The proposal has fulfilled the policy development procedural requirement
  • However, most participants in the .id-TLD General Open Discussion, are “abstain” and indecisive (do not support but neither refuse the idea)


  • Proposal background:


  • BSN (the National Standard Agency) had established SNI 7657-2010 for the national city abbreviation standard covering Indonesia’s 497 cities, which if being used as domain name, might be significantly beneficialin boosting Indonesia’s rural economic development  
  • Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Transportation, PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk, PT Pos Indonesia and the Central Statistic Agency had utilized this Indonesia National City Abbreviation Standard.

Domain Name Forum decision

  • Since the .id-TLD General Open Discussion 2013 had failed to recommend this proposal, the .id–TLD Domain Name Forum did not particularly eager to accept thisSNI 7657-2010 proposal.


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